CBD Vegan Gummies 900mg

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These bite-sized Vegan CBD Gummies 900mg Total.  30 count with  30mg of CBD in each gummy with Zero THC, Vegan-friendly and sourced from a 99% pure CBD for best results.  Delicious mixed flavors are easy to digest, with the benefits in chewable form.
CBD Lifestyle Labs formulates the dosage for each gummy that contains 30 mg CBD each and with bioavailability levels (this means the amount that is absorbed into the body).  All CBD Lifestyle products are tested and in line with our strict pharmaceutical controlled/GMP Certified Lab Guidelines towards the accurate dosage that ensures the correct concentration of CBD that is ZERO to less than .03% levels of THC / no toxins or metals.

♡ Pure Colorado & Kentucky Hemp    Lab Verified CBD   Free & Fast Shipping

Consult your physician before taking any new dietary alternatives. Must be 18+ years older 

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