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You want me to put what in where?! 

Yup. CBD Suppositories are set to become one of “the next big things” in the CBD space. But for those who aren’t totally familiar with them, they can seem a bit strange. The truth is, suppositories are the fastest method for delivering your full dose of CBD. 

When you take hemp oil tinctures below the tongue, some is quickly circulated into your body and the rest is digested in your stomach. When you take a CBD suppository, the full 200mg is absorbed by the mucous membrane and circulated through your body, making it highly bioavailable in just 10 minutes. Plus, when inserted vaginally or anally, they can provide targeted relief to minor discomfort or soreness in your hips, intimate areas, and lower back.

So high-grade CBD suppositories are not just a crazy new trend. You choose your method of cannabinoid delivery based on your lifestyle and needs. These CBD 200mg suppositories are great for relaxation, and they’re a convenient, efficient way to enjoy CBD.

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