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CBD Suppositories 200mg

CBD Suppositories 200mg


CBD Suppositories 200mg derives from bioavailability.   This simply means the amount that is absorbed into the body and at what rate. CBD Suppositories absorbs twice the rate of oral dosing.  An excellent choice for fast and effective relief of your symptoms.

Why Choose CBD Lifestyle Labs+

100% certified – We have strict guidelines we value in the entire process from seed to shelf.

Guarantee Quality of CBD – We deliver what is on our label.

Lab tested – All CBD Lifestyle Labs extracts are triple lab tested in highest standards of FDA approved/GMP certified laboratory.   Our Certificate of Analysis (COA) /Lab reports is available on our website.

Dedicated Customer Care – Our team is available & dedicated to helping you with your purchase decision for enhanced wellness

Worldwide delivery – No delays, no forms to fill out, no waiting for customs clearance.

♡ Pure Colorado & Kentucky Hemp    Lab Verified CBD   Fast Shipping

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Key Ingredients

  • Pure CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil, Organic Coconut Oil
  • 4 Suppository Cones of Approx. 50 mg CBD per cone (200mg Total)
  • Free of GMOs, Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Artificial coloring
  • Rectal (Intestinal) | Vaginal use
  • Store in a cool dry place. Refrigerate before using, avoid freezing
  • 100% THC free (less than 0.3%), No High



Rectal (intestinal) use

  1. Dip the suppository for a few seconds in lukewarm water to soften the exterior.
  2.  Gently insert the tapered end of the suppository past sphincter muscle
  3. Wait 30 minutes before a bowel movement
  4. The medication is most effective when the bowel is empty

Vaginal use

  1. Empty bladder before inserting by urinating.
  2. Laying down in recline position, insert
  3. To keep suppository from leaking out as your body heat melts the suppository
    wear a panty liner or tampon to prevent leakage
  4. Recommend taking it before bed

Patients may find CBD Lifestyle Labs products helpful for the following conditions:

  • Spasms & convulsions (28)
  • Muscle/Pain relief  (4)
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Anxiety, depression (9)
  • Cognitive impairment & other mood disorders (32)
  • Insomnia  (13)
  • Reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting(17)
  • Skin conditions (psoriasis, acne, dry skin) (24)

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***CBD Hemp derived counteracts the effects of THC, therefore has reverse NO psychoactive effect & it’s 100% Legal.

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