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CBD Specialty

CBD Specialty

CBD Specialty Products

CBD specialty products provide a variety of ways to explore your CBD lifestyle and discover new CBD products for you and your routine.

Blueberry CBG oil 1000mg – CBG is a cannabinoid that interacts with our body’s systems of balance in its own unique way. Our Blueberry CBG Oil is made with terpenes, coconut oil, and more.

CBD Softgels 900mg – These CBD pills, when compared to CBD oil drops, act more gradually and last longer in your body. Yet, they digest more quickly than CBD gummies.

CBD Suppositories 200mg – CBD suppositories, when inserted anally or vaginally, can provide targeted relief to minor soreness and discomfort in intimate areas, hips, and lower back.

CBD Starter Bundle – Great for trying new options in your CBD routine. Includes a CBD bath bomb, a 500mg bottle of full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, and a 5-pack of vegan CBD gummies.

Choose from our selection of CBD specialty products and experience a variety of ways to enjoy your CBD lifestyle.


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