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What is CBD?

What is CBD?

There’s a good chance you’d never heard of CBD before 2018. But today, it’s hard to think of a product that’s seen a bigger rise in the world of wellness. What has led to this growth in popularity? What do people enjoy about CBD? And (before we get to any of that) what is CBD, and where does it come from?

You may have a sense of the answers, but keep reading and we promise you’ll learn something new. So what is CBD?

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“CBD” is short for cannabidiol. It is one of over 80 “cannabinoids”, which are compounds naturally found in the cannabis family of plants. So how does CBD work in the human body? 

CBD in the human body

Knowledge on cannabinoids, including CBD, is relatively new, yet existing research suggests that they may interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system (or ECS), first identified in 1992, is a network of receptors around our nervous system. It secretes its own natural compounds, which researchers believe help our bodies maintain equilibrium (a.k.a. “homeostasis”). In other words, CBD may help your body return from a series of “irregular” states, such as stress, difficulty sleeping, or irritation — thus promoting inner balance.

What’s the difference between CBD and THC? (And what’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?)

CBD is one of the two most abundant and well-known cannabinoids. The other is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the “high” feeling associated with marijuana. However, CBD does not get you high. 

Hemp and marijuana are two separate species within the cannabis family of plants. CBD is found in all cannabis plants, however only marijuana contains high levels of THC (extremely low amounts of THC can be found in hemp). For CBD to be legally produced throughout the United States, it cannot be derived from marijuana, but must come from hemp containing less than 0.3% THC — an ultra low amount, established by the 2018 Farm Bill, that produces no intoxicating effects.

Where does CBD come from?

What is Hemp?

CBD is just one of many incredible products derived from hemp. Hemp (also called Cannabis sativa L.) is an incredibly versatile plant that has been cultivated by people all around the world for thousands of years. It’s seeds are nutritious. It’s fibers are strong, flexible, and used to make clothing, rope, and more. In addition, hemp agriculture is highly sustainable (another reason we’re proud that CBD Lifestyle Labs products support organic, US-based hemp farms).

The Difference in Full-Spectrum CBD

There are three main forms of CBD: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. CBD isolate contains only CBD and no other compounds. Broad-spectrum CBD contains some additional compounds and minerals found in hemp (with a maximum 0.3% THC). Full-spectrum CBD contains the full range of natural compounds that accompany CBD in the hemp plant (with a maximum 0.3% THC). At CBD Lifestyles Labs, our products are derived from organic, all natural, full-spectrum CBD. CBD Lifestyle Labs’ CO2 extraction method produces alcohol-free, full-spectrum CBD.

The “Entourage Effect” — These additional compounds include other cannabinoids (like CBG, CBL, and more), aromatic terpenes, and antioxidant flavonoids. Researchers believe that the addition of these natural compounds may work in synergy with each other, to heighten CBD’s interaction with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), thus aiding its ability to keep your body in equilibrium.

Why has CBD become so popular?

When the federal government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp (and all other cannabis plants with less than 0.3% THC) were removed from the legal definition of marijuana. It then became legal, on the federal level, to cultivate and produce CBD products from low-THC hemp (legal hemp is also called “industrial hemp”). This legislation opened the floodgates to the CBD market, and has led to the recent rise in CBD’s popularity.

Since then, research has increased on the effects of CBD, and CBD cultivation and production have taken off in a variety of ways. While we wait for more specific scientific consensus and legal definitions to form around the benefits of taking CBD, people say they enjoy CBD because it helps them feel calmer, more energetic, and more able to rest at nights.

As people seek gentler and more natural ways to enhance their wellness, it’s not surprising that CBD has become an increasingly popular product.

Is CBD oil legal?

As mentioned above, the 2018 Farm Bill made CBD legal on the federal level, so long as it’s derived from hemp containing less than 0.3% THC (sometimes called “industrial hemp”).

All CBD products from CBD Lifestyles Labs are derived from organic hemp with less than 0.3% THC. Our products are fully legal on the federal level and have no intoxicating effects (they won’t “get you high”).

High-quality vs. Low-quality CBD Products

Not all CBD products are created equal. From the soil where the hemp is grown, to the methods of extraction, there are many factors that distinguish high-quality CBD from poor-quality CBD.

Hemp Agriculture

Hemp is a “hyperaccumulator” crop, meaning it absorbs high amounts of compounds from in the soil around it. Fortunately, it’s also a highly resilient crop, requiring little to no treatments or pesticides. Still, irresponsible and unsustainable farming practices persist. The highest quality CBD products come from hemp grown in nutrient-rich soil at natural, organic farms.

CBD Extraction

As mentioned above, there are several ways to extract CBD from hemp plants. Cheaper methods use solvents, like alcohol, to acquire the CBD. Not only do these methods leave toxins in the products, but they also fail to preserve other natural compounds thought to create the synergistic “entourage effect” in your body (see above).

The CBD Lifestyle Labs Difference

Our philosophy is that CBD products should be about wellbeing, in every sense of the word. We use hemp sourced from organic farms in Kentucky and Colorado, and produce our CBD products with all-natural, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients. Our lab is FDA registered and inspected. We use safe, effective CO2 extraction to produce full-spectrum CBD. Plus we use compostable, environmentally friendly packaging, because our planet’s wellbeing is our wellbeing.

How do you take CBD?

CBD is incredibly versatile in the ways it can be enjoyed. The most popular methods for taking CBD are sublingually (under the tongue), orally (swallowed), or topically (on the skin).

How do you take CBD oil?

CBD oil tinctures can be taken sublingually or orally. This is the most efficient and effective method, allowing the CBD to enter directly into your bloodstream and quickly circulate throughout your body. 

It can also be taken orally. Many people add CBD oil drops to their coffee, smoothies, salad dressings, and more. This way, CBD will take longer to circulate, but this method provides a variety of different ways to enjoy your CBD routine.

How do you use CBD topicals?

CBD Topicals, like sprays, massage oils, and balms are applied to the skin. Again, these products enrich the variety of ways you can enjoy your CBD lifestyle. Many people prefer CBD topicals when seeking gentle relief in specific joints or body parts.

How can I take CBD Edibles?

CBD can be readily included as an ingredient in edible products. At CBD Lifestyle Labs, we provide vegan CBD gummies, as well as easy-to-take, efficient soft gel CBD pills

How can I enjoy CBD Specialty Products?

CBD can also be part of an incredibly relaxing bath, with CBD bath bombs. Our aromatic CBD bath bombs come in a rich variety of flavors and are made with a mix of full-spectrum CBD oil, other all-natural essential oils, and Epsom salts.

Our full line of specialty products also includes ultra-efficient 200mg CBD suppositories, as well as our blueberry CBG oil. What is CBG? Cannabigerol (CBG) is another cannabinoid that has gained recent popularity for unique properties that differentiate it from CBD.


CBD is safe to use and can be enjoyed as much or as little as you prefer. It can be taken in the morning, afternoon, evening, or all of the above—depending on how you choose to enjoy your CBD lifestyle.

At CBD Lifestyle Labs, our products meet the highest standards in all aspects—including the dirt where the hemp is grown, our eco-friendly packaging, our clean production methods, and the high-quality, all-natural, organic CBD products that you enjoy.

New to CBD?

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For more information, view our CBD FAQs, browse our online store, or contact us. We’re happy to answer any of your CBD questions and look forward to helping you enjoy your CBD lifestyle.

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