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Topical CBD

Learn About CBD Topicals

While there are many ways to enjoy CBD, one of the most exciting types of CBD products on the marketplace right now is topical CBD. Available in sprays, oils, and balms, CBD topicals are a versatile set of products that continue to grow in popularity. 

So what makes topical CBD so popular? First, applying a topical form of CBD gives you the power to target and manage mild aches and pains by applying it directly to the desired area of your body. (CBD taken orally, on the other hand, works more generally throughout your body.) In addition, you might enjoy the experience of applying CBD by touch—a unique experience you only get with topical CBD products.

Why Topical CBD is Loved By Many

There are many reasons that a person might prefer a topical approach to CBD. 

For example, many athletes use topical CBD as a part of their pre- and post-workout routine. Users appreciate that CBD diffuses through the skin and delivers targeted and precise application to affected areas. 

Another reason people enjoy topical CBD is that research has shown the potential to reduce mild inflammation and promote skin firmness. Many topical formulas are a blend of quality essential oils and moisturizers that work together with the CBD to provide lasting benefits.

And of course, topical CBD can be a great alternative for those who simply prefer it to taking CBD orally.

Topical CBD Products by CBD Lifestyle Labs 

CBD LifeStyle Labs offers three quality forms of topical CBD to help manage mild aches and pains and to promote healthy skin. Let’s take a closer look at the options available. 

CBD Relief Spray 

This convenient, travel-size spray bottle contains a quality CBD formulation with organic essential oils for quick and easy application anywhere you need it. Formulated with 150mg of pure Colorado and Kentucky hemp, our CBD Relief Spray targets the specific area you need it to while absorbing into the skin quickly. Take it to the gym, to work, or on long hikes or anywhere you might feel a need for quick relief. 

CBD Massage Oil 

For those moments when you have a little more time to dedicate to self-care, our CBD Massage Oil is a good choice. A proprietary blend of hemp oil, geranium oil, jojoba, and various essential oils offer a decadent way to massage topical CBD directly into the skin. Enjoy releasing tense muscles with an all-over massage using an oil that can help relieve mild soreness. 

CBD Relief Balm 

CBD Balm offers the same overall benefits as other topical CBDs, in a less oily carrier. CBD Lifestyle Lab’s rich blend of CBD and essential oils allows for a direct application of topical CBD to the affected area.  

Explore Your Topical CBD Lifestyle

CBD education has come a long way over the last decade, and research is only becoming more exciting. A favorite with athletes for years, topical CBD is a branch of CBD that has become a part of the mainstream marketplace. 

Give each of the topical types a try to decide which works best for you, or even mix and match the three to use in various situations. Whether applied to the body in a luxurious massage, sprayed directly on a sore spot after a workout, or smoothed over achy legs before bed, topical CBD can be a great addition to your CBD routine.


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